The Word

“Trevor Smith takes to the stage and it is apparent that he has the voice that is required in stand up comedy. His ability to win the audience over is quick and seamless. Veteran comedians watch Trevor and say ‘Wish I’d thought of that.’ Trevor Smith is part of the new breed of comedians to watch.”

-Mark Ridley, Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle

“Trevor Smith’s last name is beguiling because his comedy is unique and savory, with an intellectual edge and a clean shaven face. Also he’s not as good looking as that guy from Mr. and Mrs. Smith.”

-T.J. Miller

“Trevor is Clean and Funny! Two combinations you rarely see now-a-days…”

-Rob Little

“Trevor Smith has quickly found his unique comedic voice. His original material is delivered with poise and confidence which endears him to his audiences and leaves them wanting more.”

-Dave Moroz, President of Aspen Talent

“Trevor Smith is better at stand-up than Hitler was at knitting. Anyone in the knitting community would know what I am talking about. His cross-stitch was just insane. He really did not know his strengths.”

Skyler Stone