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Trevor Smith wishes he had a better line to start this bio. He has been heard as a guest on The Bob and Tom Show and seen on Comedy Time and SOAPnet. He has appeared in numerous comedy festivals throughout the country, including the RIOT LA, Laughing Skull Comedy Festival, Trial By Laughter, Laugh Detroit, Laugh Your Asheville Off and Gilda’s Laughfest. In Los Angeles, Trevor can be seen regularly on shows throughout the city and as the co-producer/host of the monthly Cranes Comedy Night. He is the author and illustrator of “This Won’t HelP” coloring book.


NOTE: Some of you maybe came here looking for Trevor Tahiem Smith Jr. (Busta Rhymes). Unfortunately, we are different people.
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Adult coloring books are a great way to relieve stress and anxiety. Except this one. It won’t help.
“THIS WON’T HELP: The Anxiety Inducing Coloring Book” is available here.
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Pod Seger is an ongoing celebration and appreciation of all things Bob Seger, hosted by Trevor and fellow comedian Brad Wenzel.

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The second Monday of each month, Trish Hadley, Harry Moroz, Corbin Recke and myself bring our favorite comics to LA’s best basement bar inside of an old bank vault, Crane’s Bar.  Cranes has been featured as part of the RIOT LA Comedy Festival and DTLA’s Night on broadway. For Lineups, announcements, pictures and more – follow @CranesComedy on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.